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I'm Christina the Sustainable Event Florist. My mission is to provide stunning sustainable floral designs for any occasion! I source my blooms from Arizona cut-flower farmers and surrounding states. I do not use foam in my arrangements or dyed/sprayed flowers.

The desert is truly a special place. I fell in love with it shortly after moving to Phoenix. My goal is to honor the beautiful blooms and foliage that can be grown in our unique climate. I have a responsibility to the land from which I take. I am thankful for the gifts the desert gives!

After working in the flower industry for a short period of time, it was apparent that more sustainable practices are needed. This inspired the foundation for UDF. Using sustainable materials and cutting down my carbon footprint were the 'no-brainer' decisions. The global flower industry is a beast of its own kind. I simply want to educate/ advocate for positive changes within. Not only for the sake of the Earth, but for all of my fellow flower industry laborers. I truly feel it is time for a swift change in the global flower industry. It can and should be better!

I am striving to provide a flower experience that you can truly feel good about by connecting you to your flower source, and providing information about the industry so you can make better floral purchases.

Ultimately, I want you to feel excited and great about your event florals! I treat this as a partnership. We are in this together. Planning an event is a huge commitment outside of itself. You should feel confident and like who you are choosing to bring into your event team.

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UDF's Minimum Spend

12 October, 2021

Today, I hope to provide an adequate explanation for why Urban Desert Flora has a minimum spend. A minimum spend is the minimum budget I will work with to design wedding flowers.

Let's get the numbers out of the way first:

The Spark for UDF: My First Wedding

11 October, 2021

4 months into working at a flower shop, I convinced a lifelong girlfriend (we met in second grade) and her wife to allow me the opportunity to design their wedding flowers!

There were many obstacles to overcome considering I am located in Arizona and the wedding was in Pampa, TX. Located in the Panhandle of Texas, Pampa is the largest town in the area with a population of around 18,000.

Becoming a UDF Couple: What to expect!

15 September, 2021

I can't begin to express how THANKFUL I am for all of my lovely UDF couples. Our partnerships are extremely special to me, and I hope you all feel that.

You get a personalized design that reflects you and your partner's personalities.

Each couple is unique in their own way. I want to reflect that within the design. If you are coming to me wanting EXACTLY what's in your inspiration photos, keep searching. I am a creative human and no two weddings will be alike, even if they are the same theme. Your love is unique to you, and your florals to should reflect that.

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