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Leave Your Guests In Awe

with a Floral Unveiling of the Desert’s Gifts

When Every Detail of Your Events Matters, and Every Moment is a Memory in the Making...

Without our expertise in crafting atmospheres that resonate with sustainability, creativity, and your values, your event may end up lackluster. When planning weddings, funerals, corporate events, and more without Urban Desert Flora:

Choosing Urban Desert Flora means more than just beautiful flowers; it’s about making a statement, honoring your commitments, and creating an atmosphere that reflects the best of who you are and what you stand for. Let us handle the details so you can focus on the most important moments. Together, we’ll ensure your event is not only visually stunning but also a true reflection of your dedication to locally sourced, sustainable resources. Don’t let your special day be just another event; make it a landmark moment that inspires and resonates with all who attend.

We Don’t Just Care About Your Event. We Don’t Just Care About Sustainability. We Care About You.

I couldn't believe my eyes...

In 18 years, I watched Ralph Lauren grow from 300m to 6 billion, and I learned a process I knew could work for all industries.

A Team Committed to a Different Kind of Floristry

Brands and Corporate Events

Designs curated to your brand or theme for corporate events


Lapels, crowns, earrings and "tattoos" made either fresh or dry

Impactful Arrangements

A sustainable alternative to traditional flowers that make your wedding as unique as you are

Wow Your Audience!


Have a look through our website and portfolio to see whether our style and values are right for you.

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Leave Your Guests in Awe!

Watch as your guests are stunned by the coordinated chaos of our desert arrangements.

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