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About Urban Desert Flora

Partnering with the Arizona desert to pioneer full-service, sustainable floristry.

Do you want to find a florist for your event that both fulfills your values and brings a unique visual style?

But finding a florist is complex, and you don’t know where to start, especially when you want your event to be both beautiful and cost-effective. So it’s hard to find a florist who is sustainable, locally sourced, and awe-inspiring.

I know how that feels. I’ve been there and felt that way before.

Here’s What I’ve Found

We understand the painstaking process required to curate a professional or personal event.

We understand that you need to balance price and aesthetics to capture the atmosphere of the event that you truly desire

We have found that our transparent process and pricing, paired with our desert-inspired portfolio and the relational way we connect with the local community, makes it easy to communicate why we are the right choice, freeing you to focus on the other aspects of your event.

A Team Committed to a Different Kind of Floristry


Brands and Corporate Events

Designs curated to your brand or theme for corporate events



Lapels, crowns, earrings and "tattoos" made either fresh or dry


Impactful Arrangements

A sustainable alternative to traditional flowers that make your wedding as unique as you are

We Don’t Just Care About Your Event. We Don’t Just Care About Sustainability. We Care About You.

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