Flower Sourcing

The standard process for purchasing flowers goes like this:

1) Contact your local Wholesaler

2) Wholesaler sources your order from all around the Globe.

3) Pick up your order on the designated date.


How UDF Sources from Local Farmers:

1) Contacts local flower farmers to gather flower availability.

2) Create Recipes based upon floral availability + Place Orders with selected flower farmers.

3) Plan sourcing day(s) by scheduling pick up times with flower farmers. By doing this UDF is essentially working as its own wholesaler for local product.

4) Spend agreed upon day(s) driving to each flower farm to pick up orders.


Check out some AZ Flower Farmers!

Whipstone Farm https://whipstone.com/fresh-flowers/

John's Plant Adventures  https://www.johnsplantadventure.com/

The Potter's Bench https://www.thepottersbench.com/about-the-potters-bench/

The Flower Wrangler LLC https://www.facebook.com/theflowerwranglerllc

Anne's Garden Fresh https://anneesgardenfresh.blogspot.com/

Dirty Boot Farm https://dirtybootfarm.com/

Ruby Jewel Flowers https://www.rubyjewelflowers.com/about