Keep Your Head Up!

Keep Your Head Up!

Sometimes I get so down into the weeds of what I'm doing that I forget to look up to see what I have accomplished! In the last week, Urban Desert Flora has made great strides towards success. Here's the update:

The first week of August is my crunch time! I was able to plant fall sunflowers, zinnias, and cosmos. I am so excited to see the beautiful orange and red sunflowers popping up to signal fall. Living in Phoenix means there are two seasons: hot and BLAZING HOT. I do miss seeing all of the gorgeous changes that come with each of the four seasons. Maybe the seasonality of my flower garden will give me the essence of each season passing.

Garden plans coming to life

I have the second raised bed to assemble and fill with organic soil. Because of the heat, I am limited to my time outdoors. It’s requiring early mornings and late nights. The funny thing is that at 7am it’s about 90 degrees out (that’s a cool morning right now). At least the sun isn’t so harsh between 5am and 9am. It’s still hot once the sun goes down, but is bearable. Perks of living in Phoenix include not ever needing to go to a sauna, if that’s your thing. Step outside for second and you will be the Thanksgiving Turkey. Cooked from the inside out. Ha!

By Friday, I will have a total of 3 beds planted! Half way there!

In other news, I start my Arizona Master Florist Certification on Sunday. I am so excited to have letters behind my name that vouch for my skills. I go back and forth on the true value of certifications as a creative person. I do not think that one must have a certification in order to be talented. Nor do I think that having a certification automatically means you’re a talented designer. From a business perspective, I feel that being Christina Blodgett AzMF will help me get my foot in the event side of flowers! I have to play the game.

I have joined bridal groups in my area, and offered florist services in that space. I have made connections with potential wedding clients that way. I feel so thankful that there are humans out there willing to connect with me despite my lack of a proper portfolio. It’s coming!!!! I have many pictures of wedding pieces that I have made. It’s just that none of them are MY recipe or MY design. I don’t feel it’s appropriate to share those publicly. However, I do send examples to those I have connected with. I make sure the client is aware of the circumstances surrounding the flower photos!

I am continually working on a design for a small wedding celebration. Those pieces will be the start of my portfolio. The other side to that is my ability to learn how to take decent photos with the camera I have. How many hats can you wear as a small business owner? I am learning that number is infinite!

I purchased a few vessels for flower arrangements. My plan is to take the little arrangements to businesses around the city. Hopefully at least ONE of those is interested in flowers on a bi-monthly basis!

Urban Desert Flora has many irons in the fire right now. I can’t wait to see what takes off!

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