Becoming a UDF Couple: What to expect!

Becoming a UDF Couple: What to expect!

I can't begin to express how THANKFUL I am for all of my lovely UDF couples. Our partnerships are extremely special to me, and I hope you all feel that.

What does it mean to be a UDF couple? What should we expect?

1) Lots of communication! I am thorough in my explanations, and a straight shooter. There are no surprises here.

Once you have selected Urban Desert Flora as your event florist, I will ask for your Pinterest handle. You will then receive a personalized Collaborative Pinterest Board that we can both add to and comment on. It will be private until the day of your event. This is crucial to the process as we will agree upon a set of inspiration photos from which I will design your event. It is the starting point for conversation at our in-person consultation. 

In your Board you will also see individual flower and foliage photos. This will give you an idea of what is available in Arizona at your event date that also fits within your theme.

2) In-Person Consultation. By the time we meet for our consultation, we should have a vision lined out. This is when we finalize everything that has been discussed online. The in-person time is really when I get to know you as a couple.

After the consultation, you will receive a PDF summary of everything we have finalized, along with the pricing, due dates, and payment options. You will sign off on this.

I host in-person consultations at Pop N' Tea Bar in downtown Phoenix. I will treat you to a tea or one of Pop N' Tea's famous Diamond Bars while we chat flowers and all the mushy sweet details of your love.

I have found Pop N' Tea to be an easy, central location for most of my couples to meet me. We will discuss the best meeting place depending on where you live in the valley. If you are from out of state, we will meet through Zoom as many times as we need to.


3) You get a personalized design that reflects you and your partner's personalities.

Each couple is unique in their own way. I want to reflect that within the design. If you are coming to me wanting EXACTLY what's in your inspiration photos, keep searching. I am a creative human and no two weddings will be alike, even if they are the same theme. Your love is unique to you, and your florals to should reflect that.

I do not expect you to be able to picture the final product. That's why you are hiring me! That is my job. I encourage you to embrace a little uncertainty on your end, and you will get the best result. This floral partnership is based in trust and understanding.






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